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A dependable home security system is essential for protecting your loved ones, property, and possessions. 

Thanks to advances in technology, home security systems have evolved, and there are many features that homeowners can utilize for effective security. This implies that it may be time to change your outdated security system.

If your current system is not functioning properly, we recommend looking into a replacement system. In this blog, we review the five signs it may be time to replace or upgrade your existing security system.

How Long Does a Home Security System Typically Last?

A typical system lasts around 8-10 years before needing replacement, though this can vary. Generally, if your system is over ten years old, the chances of it not functioning reliably increases. 

Upgrading is typically less expensive than simply replacing components. However, if you notice your existing system isn’t working correctly, you’ll need a replacement.

5 Considerations When Replacing or Upgrading an Existing Home Security System

Regardless of how old your home security system is, there are a few considerations homeowners should know when they search for a new security system.

  1. Manual Updates
  2. Video Quality
  3. 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  4. Remote Capabilities
  5. Faster Response Times

1. Manual Updates

It’s important to keep your home security system updated. Security systems would require manual updates. But a professional would do this, not a customer.

Some simple updates may take place automatically, however, there are larger manual updates that will require a security professional to do.

Firmware updates for cyber security would not happen automatically, and would require a manual update. It is encouraged to hire a professional to do this.

To keep your system updated, and it’s easy to schedule routine service calls annually. They can handle manual updates.

2. Video Quality

Upgrading a home security system is when your video is grainy or low-resolution. This can make it hard to notice a possible intruder or to record essential information on camera. You will have better security and peace of mind with a high-resolution video. This could be a simple upgrade, and not necessarily need a full system replacement. 

3. 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Another consideration for your new system is 24/7 professional monitoring. When replacing your home security system, professional monitoring allows your security to be more effective.

Professional monitoring allows you to act on emergencies in the shortest amount of time, giving extra protection to your home and family. JCSN offers these services if your current system doesn’t have professional monitoring in place, or you can upgrade to a new system. 

4. Remote Capabilities

Today, the technology-driven aspect of the world makes it more important for home security systems to have remote capabilities. Many new systems can monitor your home from anywhere using a smartphone or a tablet with remote access. This enables you to monitor your home while you are out and control some aspects, including locking and unlocking doors. JCSN offers these services to homeowners.

5. Faster Response Times 

Your security company may also need to be replaced if it is unresponsive or if it has bad customer service. When an actual emergency occurs, it is crucial to have a capable and responsive security company ready to respond. If you’ve had a negative experience with your current provider, you should look for a company that cares about customer satisfaction and quick response times.

Replacing or Upgrading Your  Security System

In addition to finding a new security system, you may also consider replacing your security company if it is unresponsive or if it has bad customer service. 

When an actual emergency occurs, it is vital to have a capable and responsive security company. If you have had a negative experience with your current provider, you should look for a company that cares about customer satisfaction and fast response times.

Then, reach out to a professional home security company to ensure your system is correctly installed to provide maximum security for your home. 

At JCSN Systems, we’re happy to examine your existing system to determine whether you need a full replacement. Call us at (888) 708-5899 for a free estimate.