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Home invasions are some of the most traumatizing events we can ever experience. 

Your home should be a safe space where you can relax, however, burglars may look at your home as a potential target for a break-in.

Whether or not you are home, the act of a home break-in violates our sense of peace. On top of the psychological effects of a burglary, victims will be left to deal with stolen possessions, and property damage.

Homeowners can take steps toward protecting themselves. While installing a home security system is highly recommended, knowing these statistics can help you stay prepared and protected from a potential burglary.

Keep reading for U.S. and Massachusetts burglary statistics that homeowners should be aware of, and some ways to protect themselves, their family and property.

U.S. Burglary Statistics Homeowners Should Know

As homeowners, you never expect to be the victim of a burglary. Yet, in 2022, the burglary rate in the United States was 269.8 cases per 100,000 of the population. 

There are many ways that homeowners can protect themselves and minimize the chances of criminal activity.

Here are some national statistics for homeowners to stay safe and avoid becoming the target of a burglary:

  • 34% of burglars gain entry through an unlocked front door. 23% will use a first-floor window, and 22% come in through the back door. (01)
  • 38% of all assaults are reported in relation to a home invasion. (02)
  • Only 13% of robbery cases are solved because evidence is difficult to obtain.
  • Homes located on a corner lot are more susceptible to robberies.
  • Only 30% of homes in the United States are equipped with security systems (03).
  • 70% of all burglaries occur in residential property (04).
  • Approximately 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States.
  • 41% of burglaries are spur of the moment compared to just 12% were planned. The other 37% in this study reported it varied. (07)
  • During 27.6% of all home burglaries, someone is in the home. (08)
  • Summer increases the risk of burglaries, particularly in July and August.
  • Burglaries are far less common in the month of February.
  • The most common time for a break-in is between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • A break-in lasts about 8-10 minutes on average (09).
  • Prior burglaries increase the risk of a recurrence.
  • According to the FBI, the average loss per burglary is $2,661.

Massachusetts Burglary Statistics

Compared to the national average, the property crime rate in Massachusetts is significantly less. 

Burglary Arrests in Massachusetts by Year

Over the past ten years, burglaries in Massachusetts have mostly decreased. Here are the number of burglary arrests made in Massachusetts by year.

Source: mass.gov

  • The past 10 years saw a -56.5% decrease in burglaries in Massachusetts
  • 2022 was the first time in 10 years burglaries increased in Massachusetts

The number of burglaries in Massachusetts varies by month.  In 2022:

  • February had the least number of burglaries (3,777) in Massachusetts last year
  • August had the highest number of burglaries (5,797) in Massachusetts last year

Protecting Your Home With a Security System 

How important is installing a security system or alarm in your home? Here’s some data on home security systems and their role in burglaries.

  • Americans spend over $20 billion annually on home security systems to protect themselves and their families. 
  • In a study from UNC Charlotte, 60% of burglars said that if an alarm were present, they’d look for a different house to target (10).
  • 72% of U.S. households have at least one home security device.
  • The average cost of a home security system installation is $475 (11)
  • Failing to install a security system increases your risk of being burglarized threefold.

So, install alarms and position home security cameras over entry points.

Other tips to prevent burglaries

  • Add exterior lighting to your home.
  • Keep home blinds and curtains closed.
  • Replace old locks with new ones.
  • Secure your garage doors with a lock or keypad.
  • Install motion-sensing interior lights.
  • Eliminate blind spots in the yard – for instance, shrubbery creates great hiding spots for burglars.
  • Improve property barriers, including fencing.
  • Update your home’s exterior. A vulnerable property looks uncared for. 
  • Signs of increased security: Yard signs, outdoor cameras, alarms, and dogs are all deterrents to burglars, another fact we often stress to our readers.

Install a Security System in Your Home

 Keeping your home, possessions, and family safe from burglary is essential. Installing a home security system is the best way to protect yourself from burglars. 

JCSN Systems is a home security company serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair for your security system, our team will work with you to keep your home safe and secure.