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A commercial security system is an excellent investment for businesses to protect employees, assets, and clientele. But to properly function, you must engage in commercial security system maintenance. This ensures that your system continues to work for as long as possible. 

Unfortunately, a commercial security system can sometimes malfunction and cause repetitive false alarms or cause you to be unable to disarm your alarm. Maintaining your commercial security system helps prevent these mishaps from occurring.

The Importance of Reliable Commercial Security System

With rising concerns around security, businesses today consider physical security systems a paramount investment. The FBI has recorded a near 30% drop in burglaries in businesses between 2017 and 2018, a testament to the robust growth of the commercial security sector.

This upswing is fueled primarily by small enterprises, who are aware of the risks and keen on the latest yet cost-effective security technology. Such advances have made sophisticated surveillance and access control solutions more accessible, ensuring businesses can safeguard their clientele, staff, and assets.

Have Your Security System Inspected Regularly.

Typically, a business security system may comprise the following:

  • Alarm Systems for Intrusions
  • Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Systems for Access Control
  • Systems for Emergency Communication
  • Consolidated Solutions, blending the above components

The components of any commercial security system can malfunction over time. With annual inspections, your technician will find these issues before they become larger problems that may cause more expensive repairs. 

If you have an older system, you should have it inspected more often than annually because older systems do not have the system alerts that newer systems have. If the system is damaged, you will need to have it inspected. If you notice that the video is fuzzy, you will also want to inspect the system at that time. Sometimes, the sensors can become loose. This is also a time for another inspection.

Avoiding Issues With Commercial Security System Maintenance

With regular commercial security system maintenance, you can avoid the following issues from presenting themselves altogether:

  • Voice directions that cannot be understood
  • Programming that is not correct
  • The sensors’ inability to calibrate
  • False alarms
  • Security locks that malfunction
  • Troubles disarming or arming the system

Preventive maintenance can minimize these challenges, though specific problems might necessitate an expert’s intervention.

If you have an older commercial security system, you may have a problem when someone trips the system and the alarm does not sound. 

Preventative Measures for Your Security System

For new installations, preventative maintenance can help the longevity of your commercial security system. Here are some maintenance best practices to adopt:

  • Regularly inspect and clean door locks and their contacts for optimal function
  • Periodically clean security camera lenses and ensure their connectivity
  • Stay updated with any firmware releases from your service provider or manufacturer
  • Check and replace batteries in devices as required
  • Keep camera views and motion sensors free from obstructions like foliage, spiderwebs, or dust

Periodic Assessments

No system is immune to wear and tear. Over time, components like control panels may degrade, cameras might malfunction, and wires can deteriorate.

We recommend scheduling an annual inspection at minimum to ensure your system operates. 

These inspections will:

  • Include a visual assessment and cleaning of all devices
  • Feature a “walk-test” where technicians assess random components for signal efficacy and reception at the main panel
  • Validate communication routes and confirm test signal receipt at the monitoring center
  • Backup system configurations and update any software as needed

Signs like device damage, sensor dislocation, unclear camera visuals, or software inconsistencies should immediately trigger a call to your security service.

Choose the Right Commercial Security Company

The right commercial security company knows it is easier to prevent a more significant problem than to try to fix it after it has become too big to handle. 

At JCSN Systems, we don’t recommend our commercial clients a “one-size-fits-all” solution; instead, we will provide a solution that will meet your individual needs. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified.

Whether you need maintenance or installation, contact us for Massachusetts commercial security.