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In today’s world, security is more important than ever. For apartment renters, access control systems create the reality of security, and for building owners, greater security adds value and more. The digital guards secure the apartments, facilities, and parking areas. Only authorized persons enter buildings using cards, fobs, codes, and smartphone apps.

Apartment building access controls increase security and convenience. Residents easily access their apartments, common areas, and laundry rooms. Video intercoms empower residents to screen visitors, service workers, and delivery drivers. Most important is a new peace of mind.

Access Controls for Apartments

Modern apartment building access controls include a computer panel that keeps event logs and manages user credentials, and determines access levels of different individuals and residents. At entrances, access readers identify users. Readers will use credentials as key cards, keypads for codes, and fobs for signaling. There are even apps for smartphones that interact with the access control system.

Common Types of Access Credentials

Here are some common types of access control systems for apartment buildings.

  1. Keycards
  2. Fobs
  3. Keypads
  4. Smartphone apps
  5. Video intercoms

1. Keycards are shared and used for easy access. These programmed cards are swiped at the reader, identifying authorized persons, and the locks open.

2. Fobs are more secure and can have programming with more information. Residents and authorized persons click the fob near the reader for instant access.

3. Keypads allow residents to enter using a PIN number. The advantage is there are no keys to lose. The biggest problem is that residents share their PIN with friends and visitors.

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4. Smartphone apps are highly customizable. Residents have entry logs, authorized common areas, parking lots, and more. The app can have alarms, notifications, and video calling.

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5. Video intercoms require someone to authorize access visually. This is the most secure method but involves staff. This option is viable for high-traffic hours when combined with an off-hour alternative. Also, residents can act for themselves and authorize access.

Beyond these various access methods, controlling entry points for selective floors and common areas becomes easy. Many systems allow residents to unlock doors and manage access.

Security for Apartment Building Owners

Apartment building access control systems enhance resident satisfaction, thus increasing value. Revenues increase with this sought-after service. Tenant retention improves, and empty units fill quickly. 

Overall, property value increases and is more attractive to buyers. Insurance costs are lower when properties are secure. Resident satisfaction increases, allowing for rental increases. The improved security has value, and the upgradeable system will remain secure for many years.
At JCSN Systems, we provide multi-tenant security for Massachusetts building owners and property managers to ensure every resident remains safe and protected. We provide maintenance for your property’s security system.